Last set of photos from Tel Aviv: a colorful fountain and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. So much fun stuff to see—-my fave was Vik Muniz.

Fun beach mural in Tel Aviv

During our day trip from Tel Aviv we also made stops at the Dead Sea (there I am getting my nap on next to the Mudface Man) and the Ahava factory

Daytrip from Tel Aviv to Masada

More bike ride pics from Tel Aviv…we stayed at this hotel and it had TERRIBLE SERVICE but at least they had complimentary bikes

Graffiti we saw on an old abandoned building on a bicycle ride en route to Jaffa Port

Dinner at the Container in Tel Aviv

Colors in Tel Aviv

One of my favorite things about our Tel Aviv hotel was its location on a beachfront biking/running path. So many fun things to see on my morning runs down to Jaffa Port. Post-run reward? Cold caffeine!

We’ve been back in Chicago for less than a week and a one-word summary would be: BUSY!!!! Hard to believe that just a week ago we were in Tel Aviv. Here are some fun street art photos. Loved that city; hope to go back there someday…

Cherry blossoms in Kungsträdgården and bike riding in Djurgården

Yesterday the movers came and packed up all of our air shipment stuff so now we’re basically just squatting in our apartment. We celebrated Mark’s last day of work and our time here in Stockholm with a tasty dinner @Matbaren (treat yo self!). Now it’s time to do some traveling before we fly home in two weeks: road trip > Italy > Tel Aviv. 

Last set of photos from Oslo: Litteraturhuset randomly had super good veggie lasagna, thank you Nighthawk Diner for the best veggie burger I’ve had since we moved, so-so sushi somewhere, I have mixed reviews about our hotel but I did appreciate all of the festive hands pointing me in the right direction as well as the festive elevator

Elmgreen & Dragset exhibit @Astrup Fearnley Museum: They integrated the massage man into the coat locker room which I didn’t realize until I looked up from my locker and saw him a few feet away from me. Hello!

Best part of the Astrup Fearnley Museum: the buildings themselves and the location on the water. The museum’s collection is pretty small so you can go through both buildings in less than an hour. 

Chicagoan living in Stockholm